Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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Hi lovely followers I have a new blog so will no longer be using this one. I would be really grateful if you would follow my new blog if you liked this one.  http://thestylecreative.com/

Incidentally if you are interested in moving to wordpress easily I've posted a "how to moved from blogger to wordpress in 5 easy steps" post! 

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

TV's Fabulous Fashionistas! Fashion inspiration!!

Who watched Channel 4's rather inspiring "Fabulous Fashionistas?" the other night?

Following 6 extraordinary women this short film, this short film sough to break down the ageing/fashion stereotype and interviewed who I think were the most inspiring, stylish and unique women I have ever seen - and they were all over 60. They dressed for themselves and saw fashion as something to be enjoyed not afraid of as they got older.

This has led me to post about the woman who I like to think of is the original "Fabulous fashionista" Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel is in her 90s. Yet to know some background on this business woman, writer, fashion muse and interior designer and to see the images of her that have graced fashion editorials for the past decade, is to know that when it comes to fashion, age really is just a number.

Iris is the grand dame of the New York fashion scene and continues to consult on all things fashion related since her retirement. But what is great about her is, like those fabulous women from the TV show, Iris really bucks the ageing stereotype and refuses to be subservient to the usual old age dress code.
"When you don't dress like everyone else you don't have to think like everyone else" is Iris' mantra.

Sure- in the fashion industry, eccentricity comes with the territory but this is just Iris being Iris. She doesn't dress like she is trying to be younger or fashionable. Her style and panache have a presence that maybe only someone of her age can carry off. Her age adds to her style, instead of taking away. That  feathered jacket and those giant glasses seem to look extra cool on her and I would imagine she has a sassy attitude to match.

Maybe I wont care but I only hope that when I reach the grand old age, these women have reached, I will forgo the grey and paisley and remember that just because I'm old does not mean I'm fashion past it!
Truly inspiring!

Images - www.nowbath.co.uk
Google Images

Monday, 16 September 2013

1920's Vintage style wedding dresses - Wedding inspiration

I would just to share with you some pictures of a rather special wedding I was privileged to attend at the weekend.
It was the wedding of my cousin who got wed to her now husband Ben, in Norfolk dressed in the most fabulous Jenny Packham dress.

I had seen dresses like this before and loved it, its very 1920s and so stylishly understated. I am not a huge fan of meringue wedding dresses and think this is the perfect alternative to the more traditional Bride's dress whilst still remaining completely wedding appropriate.

The day was perfect, the post ceremony garden gathering was so picture perfect; set at the groom's parents country home, complete with marquee and guitarist who played to the mingling crowds as the champagne flowed.

My beautiful cousin in her Jenny Packham Dress
Bridesmaids dresses by Ghost

The Bridesmaid dresses were navy satin and from Ghost- perfectly offset by red lipstick and loose hair

Myself in Vintage  and Derek in Zara Men Blazer

I decided to go against conventional wedding attire and wear a rather loud bird patterned yellow dress with red court shoes and black jacket. Though this was soon removed when I hit the dancefloor later on!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bingley Music Festival fashion fun. Cheerleaders, Paloma Faith and lots of demin shorts!

The Fashion

Location - Bingley festival in South Yorkshire.
Day - Saturday only.
Music - Primal Scream, Temperance Movement, Dr Feelgood, Tinchy Strider, The Loveable Rogues, The Fratellis (remember them!)

It seems there are some distinct looks when it comes to festival fashions.

1. The new age hippy look
This was like attack of the clones. Its a nice look but was everywhere, it really was. The look largely consists of highwaisted demin cut offs, hunter wellies and socks, plus a drapey top, aviators and long backcombed hair with a headband.
One overwhelming observation though - if you do go for denim shorts please please for the love of all that is , don't wear them too tight, especially if you dont have the legs. (The dreaded "spam leg" is not flattering!)

2. Fancy dress
Just fun and thats what its all about. We counted 5 male cheerleaders, 2 bumble bees and a man in a stocking! We loved this. Thinking next year going dressed like some vegetables..?

We went for something a little different, I guess we have kind of moved on from the denim hotpands and hippy headbands. I went for a slightly grungy look I guess, with a velvet bodycon dress and a crocheted knitted top, which actually was the result of a happy accident where I skrunk what was a long jumper in the wash and ended up with a cooler cropped version! My chum Lyndsey went for a retro outfit and the best hair I saw all day- a victory roll at the front and a rose and dove hair piece. It was really quirky and was little wonder everyone kept telling her she looked like Paloma Faith!

Have you been to a festival this year? What did you wear? See any good music?

Festival ready. No demin shorts and floral headband on me. But maybe if I had her legs I'd change my mind!
The local ladies were err rather rough :-)

"How much for one drink!!!"
"Paloma Faith coming through"
Jumping into some straw in a knitted top. Somethings seem like such good ideas after a few vodka cranberrys!!
The Temperance Movement
Headliners Primal Scream - Get your rocks off get your rocks off honey!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Be AW 2013 trend Fashion ready with some tartan

Be Autumn ready with tartan

I love Autumn, rich fabrics, velvet, layering and of course a brand new season with new clothes hitting the shops to get all excited about!

The shops are already stocking up on Autumn and winter stocks.  I have plenty of stuff from previous seasons and am definitely not forking out for a whole wardrobe each winter, but have nabbed this little beaut of a tartan jacket from Urban Outfitters (below) that hits all the right style notes for an instant injection of a new Autumn/Winter trend that can be worn with most things! Dress it up or down its a must have as it gets cooler! I've worn it with some ankle grazing high wasted jeans, my boyfriend's black belt, a tan bowler from Accessorize and some loafers. I have also added at the bottom another absolute steal that goes really well with this colour pallet- some red brogues- these were from a charity shop and needed a mention as they were £3.99!!!! Don't forget to visit thrift stores they can be an Aladdin's cave of fashion finds!

The tartan trend and its rebellious roots

Tartan was considered so rebellious that in Scotland where it of course originated that it was banned. this Bonnie Prince Charlie encouraged the adoption of tartan as a uniform for the army and towards the end of this particular movement it was forbidden as the central government attempted to impose order on the highlands. Moving more towards the modern day tartan had its reprieve in the late 1970s punk era, where the biggest fashion rebel herself, Dame Vivienne Westwood used it as a staple for her garments, it was anarchic and raw and it came to epitomize her punk styling. She for one, hasn't looked back since.  

Tartan will be forever in fashion regardless of the season. Its British Heritage meets grunge, it's a bit boyish and it's definitely 90s, and it will more importantly always be stylish, meaning a coat like this one will last through the years.

I have added at the end of the posts some other tartan offerings that are online. Autumn, ready set go!

Me and my new tartan jacket

Long tartan jacket - Urban outfitters

Bowler - Accessorize

Red Brogues also go well with this colour tartan - or any red shoes for that matter! 

Other great tartan finds



Urban Outfitters

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bright Interior accessory ideas - banishing the beige!!

When you live a rented apartment, yet love interior design like I do its always a challenge to make a place feel your own when you are not able to attack the beige walls with paint or wall paper and are fairly limited for space.
We do love our  new place - it is a converted mill on the outskirts of Leeds that has a rare city combination of original mill features and modern renovation.
The exposed brickwork and high beams was the character we were so desperately searching yet it has new installed bathroom and kitchen (so everything works!) and is close to the city for us to experience city living for a while. It is alive with light coming through the  large windows that give me lots of natural sunlight when I paint which is always a bonus!

We have been here 6 months now and have really made it feel like a home by carefully selecting accessories from vintage shops and the high street. I was so pleased I could bring my two worn dark green chesterfields that I found from a charity shop (my babies!!)

I like mismatching things and plan on collecting more bits and bobs from here and there, and am always looking for inspiration from different sources (like the image below)
There is nothing more interesting that a home with a story. Even if you are renting there is no reason why you can't make it your own or have to stay beige!!

  • Gypsy Cushions from Graham and Greene
  • Handmade Crotchet Granny Blanket - Ebay - there are always loads on there if you search!
  • Fairtrade painted turquoise mirror by Ian Snow

Here are some of our additions so far... What are your favourite bits of your own home? Do you like brights or are you mad for magnolia/?

Gypsy cushions to add colour to our dark chesterfield

Granny chic! Crotchet handmade blanket from ebay. Fairtrade mirror from a local hippy shop

This is not of our rooms sadly, but one day I would like a room like this. This picture, wherever it is, is an inspiration- the mix of different textures including luxurious velvet, then contrasted with worn slightly scuffed old tables and ragged roses, is just peachy! *sighs*

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The English Coast - Pirates, Boho, antiques and fish and chips!

  Pirate Day 2012
Where do you find thousands of pirates, hippies and purchase a genuine indian head- dress? Why Old Hastings town of course!
The other weekend we took the 4 and a half hour drive to the English coastal town of Hastings. The newer town is a bit of a shit hole but take a walk a little further on and you come to the old town. And the old town is a bohemian haven, made up of winding steep roads, Tudor houses, curiosity shops and that unmistakable seaside charm.

We visit when the Carnival week is on, the Sunday of which is pirate day. Basically this is a huge street party, with hog roasts, music and entertainment. Everyone spills out into the narrow streets, makes good use of the many traditional pubs and just soaks up the fantastic atmosphere and (luckily) glorious sunshine.
Now I must make one thing clear- we are not into dressing up like pirates in a convention sort of way- not at all- this weekend just happened to be on a few years ago in the old town and we enjoyed the atmosphere, live music and the town itself so much its now become a yearly trip for us. 

This Year I didn't make as much effort with my outfit as last year when I painted mine and Derek's faces- me as a Mexican sugar skull and him as rather menacing I must say, evil skull- its amazing what you can do with some Max Factor Lipfinity red lipstick and some eyeliner!!! (in the above pic and below) 

2012 also saw the amazing red arrows- the world's premier aerobatic team- do a spectacular fly over the beach in the late afternoon sun- trailing red white and blue smoke across the sky to the delight of the gathered crowds. I have posted some pictures of this show as it was so amazing! They even created a smoke love heart in the sky!

Old Hastings also has its historic significance too of course with the battle of Hastings in 1066 and nearby Brighton offers the pier and more sightseeing, also thoroughly recommended.

Early morning view from our window

Accessories make an outfit. Red Shoes and a cheeky bowler hat

The live folk music band were dressed like pirates - lots of fun

My outfit for pirate weekend 2013 - stripy leggings and a headscarf

Vintage treasure troves!

Lots of amazing vintage shops

more tresure hunting

peek- a -boo

fish and chips on the sea front- perfect

Going a bit gothic with a black velvet bodycon dress and pixie boots for the eve

2012 dressed up and with a mexican sugar skull face

Red Arrows Aerobatic display - stunning!